“Just a Friend💋🥀”

We lay up, stay up.
And everything in between.
Toss and turn in the sheets,
Our passions come to an end.
The pain you’ve inflicted,
Your sweet kisses amend.
We sleep through the rest of the night.
I was the little spoon yesterday,
I’ll be the big spoon tonight.
We’ll wake up to one another.
Get ready to start the morning.
That’s my favorite part of the day,
You’re my sunshine even when it’s pouring.
I love it when you call me baby,
When people see you they see me.
But I never think about the truth until it’s in front of me.
We ran into your friend the other day
And he asked, “Is that you?”
You said, “Naw, she’s just a friend.”
Then I’m reminded there’s some wounds that your kisses will never mend.. 😔🥀


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