Love, pain, passion, disaster
What a world we live in, driven by temporary desires
Yet in all this pain your passion fuels my fire
Love, lust, trust, hurt
Temporary feelings will be what buries us in the dirt
Is it simple to dream, is it simple to love
I ask these questions of the man up above
If every man is created in your image then why aren’t we perfect?
Or has the definition of perfect been distorted,
By these temporary wants and temporary needs
That we have become selfish, so much that more than your perfection is what we need
Not I, I’ll take the stand to say I’m not the perfect man
I’m not the perfect man as in I’m not the perfect human, created in Gods image, yes.
But I can’t live up to it
So God did you create someone else as imperfect as me?
Someone who accepts my flaws and loves me for me?
Who can consume their temporary fill of me through me but is so addicted that they don’t desire to seek their fill somewhere else?
Someone who loves me almost more than they love themselves?
Did you create them for me? Are they waiting for me?
Or did you even take them from me?
Comfort, confusion, peace, alone.
If a home is where the heart is I’m looking for a place to call my own🥀

Artist: KirzArt


“Just a Friend💋🥀”

We lay up, stay up.
And everything in between.
Toss and turn in the sheets,
Our passions come to an end.
The pain you’ve inflicted,
Your sweet kisses amend.
We sleep through the rest of the night.
I was the little spoon yesterday,
I’ll be the big spoon tonight.
We’ll wake up to one another.
Get ready to start the morning.
That’s my favorite part of the day,
You’re my sunshine even when it’s pouring.
I love it when you call me baby,
When people see you they see me.
But I never think about the truth until it’s in front of me.
We ran into your friend the other day
And he asked, “Is that you?”
You said, “Naw, she’s just a friend.”
Then I’m reminded there’s some wounds that your kisses will never mend.. 😔🥀

You Don’t Matter

You are more than your demons.
You are more than your past.
This is not a poem.
Today I want you to face every fear that’s held you back from everything you deserved this year.
Look it in the eyes and COMMAND it to move aside.
You are more than your fears.
You’re the future.
You matter.
So good morning everyone!
Today we’ll face our demons and conquer our fears together🤞🏾✨


You’re always on your phone,
Like I can’t see.
Every time we’re together,
You don’t pay attention to me.
You never put it down,
Nor do you look away.
I even tried to rub my booty on you,
But you weren’t phased.
It’s like your phone has you in a daze,
And then days pass by.
Wondering why I haven’t heard from you,
Questioning myself about I.
Your phone is always in your hand,
But you never respond back to me.
I don’t understand, is something wrong with me?
Is this not where you want to be?
Then text whoever back,
And tell them that you’re back on the market,
Have fun with that.
Just let me be,
I can do bad all by myself,
Just ask Tyler Perry.
And in a couple of weeks, we’ll barely speak.
I’m going to look at my phone like,
Why’s an unsaved number FaceTiming me?

“The Beginning🍷💋”

I love the way you taste.

As you trickle onto my lips,

And slither down my throat.

Your texture so smooth.

I want all the smoke.

I promise not to gag,

I promise I won’t choke.

Plus I don’t discriminate.

I love you in every way that you come.

Wether it’s a Merlot or Cabernet,

A Zinfandel or Shiraz.

I need you after a long day.

If this were a spa you’d be my happy ending.

We’ve got all night to play,

This only the beginning 💋🍷

Artist: @Bpeppersart

#WritingToStaySane #poetry


What are we fighting for?

What is there to lose?

Is it time to close the door?

Or maybe it’s just time to choose.

Have we finally reached a point of no return?

If so I cannot tell.

I swear we’ve reached this point before, but I get it. I wish you well.

But if that’s the case then why are we fighting?

Have too many wrongs been done that there’s no sense in righting,

Them all. Caught between logic and confusion.

Is there really a proper solution?

Are we fighting for us? Or are we against one another?

Would you rather be my opponent or would you rather be in my corner?

If you need to be my opponent then I understand.

It’s just hard to believe that this could be in God’s plan.

I won’t question his will, if this is our fate.

Or maybe God’s plan is greater and he’s preparing us for something more.

But if you’re not in my corner then who are you fighting for ..?🥀🥊


Tired of working for someone other than myself.
Tired of swallowing my pride when I have to ask for help.
Tired of taking Uber’s because I still don’t have a car.
Tired of putting trust in others when the relationships don’t make it far.
Tired of being tired but that’s the story of my life.
Tired of being reminded that I’m “not living right”.
Tired of putting others first and not receiving the same energy.
Tired of not realizing who’s my friend and who’s my enemy.
Can I rest.. ?😔🥀

Artist: Creativecurls

“Voicemail 💬”

I prayed this morning.
As I do every day.
It’s starting to feel like I keep calling,
And God keeps hitting ignore.
I’m leaving voicemails but his box is full.
Praying to become who I aspire to be.
Praying that my future husband will find me because I don’t want to be alone anymore.
Praying that in the near future we’ll find our dream home.
Praying that my womb may heal so that I can birth a child.
I’ve been praying that same prayer for quite a while.
Praying and praying, over and over again.
Starting to feel desperate,
The Devil’s knocking again.
I don’t want to let him in.
I know I have to be patient.
What’s meant for me will be for me,
And what isn’t want.
God, just don’t give up on me.
Please answer your phone.. 😔🙏🏾